Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Ever seen the first snow? If you have then you know what I am talking about when I say: pure as heaven and exotic like hell. They say that each snowflake is unique; each one different from another but equally striking. Isn’t it brilliant how nature works? Anyways, enough about nature let’s talk about some man made delicacy.
While the summer scorches over our beautiful pretty heads it’s our job to, well, be breezy because no matter how sizzling the weather is we need to have a little sizzle of our own.  So this season don’t even reach for your blacks and blues and just be clad in whites and beige and be your very own snowflake.
Not only does the colour counter the heat of the season, but I believe it even reflects a pure vibe all through the body and mind. And why not, since the dawn of age ‘White’ has been a beacon for purity, serenity, demureness and peace.
So, this season just cherry-pick whites in your wardrobe valiantly. There are a loooooooooooot of possibilities thru which you may integrate white in your attire, the safest fashion would be to combine it with black but if you are anything like me you need your daily dose of colour, in that case, just combine it with metallic to bring some bling on. Or for that classic chic look you can combine it with the skinny jeans in colour of your choice and for a little more daring look you can shred them in interesting places, also, of your choice. 
Apart from the usual westerns, white is also a huge knockout in the classic Indian attires like saris, lehengas and suits of course. And the best of all is that you can effortlessly accessorize it with gold or silver and combine it with any N number of colours and prints.
Well, all we girls may not be snowflakes but we are equally exquisite. So, just go bananas and find your own unique way to be one. Ciao!!!


  1. your advise shall be followed :-)

  2. Thank you!!!!! i am sure its gonna look amazing and yet breezy!!!!!!!!!! :P