Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shine Shrine!!!!

Hi gals!!!! Today, as I sat in front of my telly to catch up on my daily bout of catastrophe a.k.a ‘THE NEWS’’ (and boy oh boy!! Did it live up to its reputation) the thing that held my eye was the blistering temperature rises all over the country. And then as if the news wasn’t ingenuous enough for me, I had to test the waters for myself.
Oh the heat!!!!! The sun was scorching over my head immensely and it felt as if it was bent on taking vengeance for something and trust me, I would have grovelled sorry at every step but I just didn’t know what to ask sorry for. So, by the looks of it, sun has absolutely no intention of plummeting down.
Anywhoo, as I said in my last post, no matter what the weather; we girls need to have a sizzle of our own. And that just got me thinking……… easier said than done; so, let’s just see what we can do about it? Weeeeelllllll, let me see what could be the answer to it……just three sweet little glam words: BLING, BLING, BLING!!!!!!!
Yes, sweethearts just go metal crazy. Accessorize, Embellish and Adorn it in your wardrobe in your own way, as I keep saying. Although all the above words mean the same but hey, you gotta incorporate it in and the best thing is you can easily pair it up with the colour and fabric of your choice. And also team it up with the colour of the season i.e. whites and nudes.
It can be in really trivial techniques like adding some nice shiny chains to your favourite jeans or even gluing up little bits of sequins to those old pair of high heels which you don’t want to toss away. However, for something more audacious one may choose to wear a metallic skirt or a short or even a complete dress. The short dresses are better suited to this season but once again you must choose your own fashion.
So here we go glam goddesses, just go bonkers and let me know how it went too. Ciao!!!!

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