Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flower Power!!

Yes, I do know how this sound: ‘like a cliché’ but hey why mess with the classics. And NO, I am not going back to the era of seventies. I am just exclaiming about the on-going and ever blooming (no pun intended) trend in the fashion industry. And although, we girls may negate it in front of our male counterparts but flowers always hold a special place in the heart of every women.
As I have already pointed it out in a lot of my posts, I am a huge believer of women empowerment. And empowered we have become, indeed! But as they say that ‘everything comes with a price’ and the price we paid here was giving up our femininity in our workplaces.  Truth be told the fierceness required to endure in today’s competitive work culture is like wading through quicksand, the more you try to subdue it the more you get entangled and the fiercer you become. It’s like a vicious circle or a catch 22.
Amid all this the fashion world brings onward the retort to all these woes. They have hand-picked the most delicate age-old trend and entwined it into something anew. And, this IIFA red carpet has already paved for the hottest trend amongst us, which to be fair had already been gaining popularity for a while now. Yes, you guessed it right: FLOWERS.
It’s in everything: flower prints, laced flowers, flowers in hair, flowers in rings, and flowers as accessories, too. You just need to pick your panache. While keeping it unpretentious you may just choose to adorn them in your hair with bandeaux (hairbands) or hairclips in the form of florets. But for a more dazzling effect, try something in floral prints or lace which will not only give you that delicate guise but is quite sensible too in this scorching temperature.
One can choose floral jumpsuits or a pretty skirt trimmed with a little lace or even a dress with flower motif or if you want to go a little traditional then take cue from none other than ‘Bipasha Basu’ and team up your favourite sari with a brand new blouse with floral embroidery.
So, ladies what are you waiting for, lets bloom and rule this season!!! 
Ciao for now!!!!!!

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