Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Devil's Soul!!!!

Since the dawn of age, women and the colour red share an almost supernatural bond. We all know about the damned red apple which Eve wasn’t supposed to eat. Since then this colour has been shrouded with mystic, covetousness and glamour. Designers all over the world have been inspired by the colour and we, Indian girls, share an even more special bond with it; it has always been associated to our marriages and all of our festivals.
This season the whole fashion world seems to be in awe of this mesmerising colour, nationally and internationally. While internationally designers have been infusing red in flowing gowns, back at home our designers have been dabbing the colour on our very traditional attires.
However, as there has been a constant effort by the designers to get Indian attires to that international place, one can always team up this colour with a bit of high end fashion. For example, one can chose a corset blouse over a plane red sari which could do wonders even with minimalistic effort or choose a red dress which could always be teamed up with a different coloured legging to give it that Indo-western look. I recently attended a family wedding where I teamed up my royal blue ‘lehnga’ with a nice long red jacket which of course completely obliterated the need of a ‘chunni’ and was able to net in a few compliments.
So all you people out there, in the spirit of this red season lets show Christmas a good time and go a little mad with ingenuity.

Back to Black!!!

BLACK BLACK BLACK! No matter how many times you wear this colour it’s one of those things which can never go old in the fashion world. Be it our favourite LBD, our favourite sari or even the most beloved pair of heels; it has to be black. Seasons come and go but the colour is eternal.
Black has always held a very special place in the hearts of everyone be it a guy or girl; designer or even a layman with absolute no sense of fashion. And rightly so, as it can be mixed and engulfed with all other colour ranges and still emerges to be unique every single time. No matter what accessory you want to adorn with your black ensemble it always brings out your own unique style.
However, even though the colour comes back every season it always brings with it a new fashion avenue. This season seems to combine two major schools of fashion. It seems to bring us an amalgamation between ‘Xena the warrior princess’  and ‘Mrs. Morticia Addams’ (remember Addams family!). As a result the dresses this season are perfect to be adorned on fashion battlegrounds.
While us, earthly creature, might not have pockets deep as either one of the inspirations mentioned above, we could still get our wardrobe n’sync with today’s fashion by some simple ideas plucked from them.  With any of our LBD’s either short or long wear chunky jewellery which would not be considered as traditional any means. And for some our more fearless creatures out there just be a little creative with a pair of scissors or a tube of glitter and VOILA…..