Monday, August 20, 2012


Even though the monsoons are here the weather still seems to be trickier than ever these days; just when you are expecting it to rain the sun would come out to play peek-a-boo with us and when we expect it to be sunny side up it gets greyer by the second. Well, the weather may be whatever it is; we still need to be our very own rainbow in dark skies. However, it does pose a challenging state of affairs when we don’t know what Mother Nature’s gonna throw at us.

So, as I sat down in my balcony listening to the sweet pitter-patter of the rain everywhere, it struck me, what we need is something that not only screams Diva but is also comfy beyond belief. Simplest thing that you could imagine is the answer to that, something that everyone owns…… SHORTS.

Yes, the answer to our monsoon woes is that simple. They are quite simply chic and glamorous and I think, all of us have always had a soft spot for them in our hearts. However, as simple as they may feel to carry off they do need to be accessorized just impeccably.

For a day in the sun and rain you can choose an unpretentious denim shorts teamed up with a tank top or even a boyfriend shirt and some sleek flats in neon shade. For a classier occasion just opt for a silk or sequined shorts which can be adorned with a tube top or a chiffon shirt or even a crisp white office shirt and your favourite pair of heels.

In fact, this season’s pick is the SHORT-SUIT which is exactly what it sounds like; a suit which comprises of shorts teamed up with a blazer. If you feel that it is little daring for you, just pick out a little courage from the stylish Amanda Seyfried who looks divine in her-short-suit. And if you somehow feel that it’s a little young for you then just take a look at our ‘pretty woman’ Julia Roberts’ who looks as sophisticated and perfect in hers.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Hat -Trick!!!

The monsoons are here and while it might not be raining cats and dogs out there, it’s just perfect to cuddle up on your couch with a glass of wine (chocolate milk or whatever is your guilty pleasure) and an old romantic movie on the TV. My favourite is My Fair Lady with a glass of red wine and my quilt by my side. And of course I practise what I preach, in fact, I practised last night and boy oh boy, was it fun.
So there I was, sitting in front of my TV and watching My Fair Lady with apt attention, and suddenly it dawned on me that we girls always dreamt about our prince charming to be perfect, which would mean that they were to be perfect gentlemen down to their attire. I am sure none of us dreamt that our prince charming would come to whisk us away in shorts or slippers.
But gone are those days, hey don’t get me wrong I am not against comfortable clothing nor do I want a Lancelot by my side, however you have to admit that the charm eluded by a sharply dressed man……... So, let’s just bygone be bygones and move on. Fortunately, the cherry on top is back.
Yes, I do mean the HATS and the best part is it can be easily incorporated in your casual or semi casual or formal attires. And I mean it you can just easily pick out your favourite jeans and t-shirt and team it up with a fedora or a trilby as you would blindly team it up with your suits.  And a newsboy cap or a flat hat is second to none, when teamed up with nice trousers and sweatshirts or sweaters. While solid colours are always a favourite with everyone, even stylish celebs, checked seem to be quite in vogue. However, if you are not a huge fan of checks but still want to break away from traditional yet classic, try picking out one in solid bright colours like purple or red or any colour  your heart tickles. So what are you guys waiting for go out and be the Prince of your story!!!!!!
Ciao for now.