Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Devil's Soul!!!!

Since the dawn of age, women and the colour red share an almost supernatural bond. We all know about the damned red apple which Eve wasn’t supposed to eat. Since then this colour has been shrouded with mystic, covetousness and glamour. Designers all over the world have been inspired by the colour and we, Indian girls, share an even more special bond with it; it has always been associated to our marriages and all of our festivals.
This season the whole fashion world seems to be in awe of this mesmerising colour, nationally and internationally. While internationally designers have been infusing red in flowing gowns, back at home our designers have been dabbing the colour on our very traditional attires.
However, as there has been a constant effort by the designers to get Indian attires to that international place, one can always team up this colour with a bit of high end fashion. For example, one can chose a corset blouse over a plane red sari which could do wonders even with minimalistic effort or choose a red dress which could always be teamed up with a different coloured legging to give it that Indo-western look. I recently attended a family wedding where I teamed up my royal blue ‘lehnga’ with a nice long red jacket which of course completely obliterated the need of a ‘chunni’ and was able to net in a few compliments.
So all you people out there, in the spirit of this red season lets show Christmas a good time and go a little mad with ingenuity.

Back to Black!!!

BLACK BLACK BLACK! No matter how many times you wear this colour it’s one of those things which can never go old in the fashion world. Be it our favourite LBD, our favourite sari or even the most beloved pair of heels; it has to be black. Seasons come and go but the colour is eternal.
Black has always held a very special place in the hearts of everyone be it a guy or girl; designer or even a layman with absolute no sense of fashion. And rightly so, as it can be mixed and engulfed with all other colour ranges and still emerges to be unique every single time. No matter what accessory you want to adorn with your black ensemble it always brings out your own unique style.
However, even though the colour comes back every season it always brings with it a new fashion avenue. This season seems to combine two major schools of fashion. It seems to bring us an amalgamation between ‘Xena the warrior princess’  and ‘Mrs. Morticia Addams’ (remember Addams family!). As a result the dresses this season are perfect to be adorned on fashion battlegrounds.
While us, earthly creature, might not have pockets deep as either one of the inspirations mentioned above, we could still get our wardrobe n’sync with today’s fashion by some simple ideas plucked from them.  With any of our LBD’s either short or long wear chunky jewellery which would not be considered as traditional any means. And for some our more fearless creatures out there just be a little creative with a pair of scissors or a tube of glitter and VOILA…..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Everyday Exotic: The Jumpsuit

If you are anything like me you would also have a lot of woes packing for a trip where you know you need to be casual yet glamorous. I end up taking half of my wardrobe with me but use literally only fourth of it. Then I realize all that huffing and puffing I did was in vain.
          At times like these I keep thinking why I couldn’t just have that one single ensemble which would solve all of my sartorial woes. Thankfully, now I have. Behold the mighty jumpsuit!
This decade old fashion trend has made a comeback and that too with a bang with capital ‘B’. Do you all remember our yester year actresses, rock stars fashion icons and even our moms and aunts in old photographs in jumpsuits quite similar to the ones we see now?
Well even if you don’t, you will certainly not be able to forget these ones anytime soon. These come in ‘n’ number of options where you can go crazy experimenting. Trust me I couldn’t decide whether I should go for off-shoulder or full-sleeved, halter or strapless, full flared or skinny, I felt like I was a kid in a candy store.
However, no matter what you chose the best part of a jumpsuit is that you can get them in any kind of fabric you want: Cotton, floral or printed is perfect for the Daytime just simply adorn accessories according to your occasion, go chunky for street walking or a little more sophisticated for a luncheon; sequenced or silk for a night time dinner and dancing is perfect, just go with some delicate jewellery and high heels topped with your favourite clutch.
Well I think on this note I should take your leave; so all you guys out there can go ga-ga over thinking how to create your perfect look. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Laced in Love!!!!!!!

I always believe that the best kind of fashion is something which gives vintage a new edge. And this new trend definitely proves my belief. If you keep up with the recent events you then you might have guessed it by now!!!! Yes, I am definitely talking about LACE.  All of us know that the revival of this new trend can be ensued to our newest and beloved Princess Kate, who was a vision in white at her wedding.
The sentence fit for a queen can be aptly used for lace and for centuries it was as it had been for the exclusive use of the richest only. And why not, it has always had an elusive eminence, an arcane allure to it no matter what the decade or the trend. Nothing less could have survived the harsh climate of centuries of vicissitudes of the fashion world.
However, a lot has changed in the ways of queens, princesses and even their subjects and aptly so, has the ways of the fashion. But even today the royalty and celebrities alike have a preference to this age old form of art.
One can easily slid into its delicate form in any number of ways. You can just put on a lace jacket over an evening dress or go for lace legging over a formal top. You can even have simple lace blouse or a dress with some lace environs. But keep in mind this fabric needs to be put on with the utmost caution. There are certain rules to be attached to it as it portrays the elusive side of fashion.
Gone are the days when women were considered as weak or dependent; the women today are fierce and independent in every way, Lace fetches much needed demureness to today’s fashion and even to the women who wears it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birds of Paradise

Recently as I watched ‘The Oscar’s’ I realized what an eye-opener they were.  As, we all know that ‘Black Swan’ not only did sweep the awards away but rather invigorated an old classical fad of, well, FEATHERS.  Yes-Yes, I am not kidding, I mean dress, shoes, earrings, hair accessories… basically, the complete works. You can Donne them in your very own way. I am not even going to say that people with a weak heart can even attempt at them; they just scream ‘DIVA’.
True, that they are to be wild and just ‘vivacious’ but too much of anything can be calamitous. And too much of it may just look that we are trying too hard. Now we don’t want that, do we? You can incorporate feathers in your daily ensemble in quite unpretentious ways. Just get a big earring to carry off with your Denims or just get a little braiding in your hair done which could look very rock star.
Or if you feel that you are not the rock star types then just Donne a hat for that vintage look, I mean, if the new Princess  can attire it how much more vintage do you want. Also, summer sun makes these accessories very easy on eyes. Nonetheless, the dress incorporated around these vivacious feathers makes you feel as if you can do no wrong.
This fad has also brought to light some of our very own Indian talent to the International red carpet which just wants me scream…… YEAH!!!!!!!!! P.S. I am talking about Falguni and Shane Peacock. Seriously, their designs are the talk of the town. You can see anyone who is anyone wanting a piece of them right now.
Getting back to feathers, personally, I feel Jlo carries them off the best, but Fergie comes second to none. But don’t get carried away by these glam goddesses, you decide the look which makes you look avant-garde. After all, what is fashion if not Risk.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Seeing how denim is like a second skin to all of us it’s just very hard to imagine that at one point in our history it was restricted to waist overalls for workmen and sea-men. Then came the era of Levi Strauss which changed the face of denim and made it to our very favourite ‘Jeans’. By 1950s, the big shots like Elvis Presley and Marlin Brando made jeans an insignia of rock and roll and pop culture.
          As the decades passed on, denim became a wave that swept away the whole world and became associated with the most sought after names in the fashion world. Denim became one of the most experimented fabrics which had a new look almost every day and the best thing about it was that everyone could add a little touch of their own individuality to it, whether it was chains for biker gangs or flower power icons or even just your own name written in ink.
Well, let’s just get back to our own time, you see since the start denim has been for the daring, constantly experimented upon, so why should it be any different this season. This season colours seem to be the ‘in thing’ and so the denims has been coloured. Go beyond the basic blues and blacks in your denims and choose the most bizarre colours of your choice.
True that the favourites have been red and royal blue but you may gallop in any colour you wish. Just throw on basic colour with the denim and be in style. And what I said earlier was true you can individualize it according to your own taste, accessorize it or just plain rip it up in places.  You may have a small flair at the end or an ankle length skinny look or even a knee length paired with a breezy floral top.
The best thing is, there’s no set way to wear the fabric; one may want to use it as pants but a jacket or a dress in the fabric is equally chic. A combination of the age old denim shorts and a denim jacket is an ensemble which remains in fashion no matter what any season says.
So be a dare-denim this season and just let you inner fashionista have some fun experimenting!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011


As you all know this summer was desperate to greet us all sooner than we had expected. Now if you are anything like me you are not big fans about summer and we all know that the summer in India is absolutely a killer for skin, looks or even fashion for that matter.  But hey no matter what the climate gives us, a gal’s gotta look her best right. Have no worry we can all be fashionable and yet be breezy.
            Well, as we know black is always a favourite but summer is not the time to go against the sun so, we all get to gallop in different shades of sun. The most favourite shades this season are different levels of nudes (I don’t mean the Birthday Suit), browns and rose. And our favourite fabrics have to be chiffon and georgettes and cotton, ofcourse.
While chics can rock floral cotton prints or the famous American stripes, which are back courtesy the new dive towards the past in our movies, soaps etc, in those awesome short dresses filled with ruffles and pleats. Or if you have those perfect legs you may dazzle the crowd with denim shorts which every girl has, with loose checked or striped shirts with folded sleeves for that devil may care look.
However, the main thing to remember is that let yourself be a part of the nature and be filled with the colours of sun. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Favorite- LBD

A few days back I was alternating between television channels and  watching Alice in Wonderland (the new one) and fashion tv at the same time and suddenly I sat thinking to myself how different is she from an average girl today? Well, not so much is the answer, are you wondering how or thinking that is ‘Ashima Wandering’ crazy. Well, neither am I crazy nor day dreaming rather the fashionista in me started thinking aloud comparing myself to Alice and the fashion world being the wonderland. So as I was saying, how often has it happened to you that you open up a fashion channel and wonder  how can I wear this,  it is bizarre.  In that way aren’t we all ‘Alice’s here…I mean just when we figure out which side is up and which side is down along comes a potion to tilt everything. 

Well, not to worry, today I am going to give you a couple of simple methods to be in fashion for the whole winter. First things first, whoever has been going around saying that any color is replacing black should be banished. Ladies I have news for you no color can replace black, it never has and isn’t going to any time soon. I mean it makes you look thinner and brings out all kinds of complexion, looks good in all kinds of attire be it Indian or Westerns.

The best thing about the color is that it can be worn in formals or in a cute little cocktail dress, and besides you may bring a little vivaciousness to it by just accessorizing it with different colors be it red, royal blue, purple or a nice bottle green. And if you want more you may choose a dress with a colored hem or cuff or as they say it just ‘bling’ it on with a bit of sequences and sparkle stones thrown here and there. So what say O fashion conscious women, those in support say I, those against BRING IT ON!!!