Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birds of Paradise

Recently as I watched ‘The Oscar’s’ I realized what an eye-opener they were.  As, we all know that ‘Black Swan’ not only did sweep the awards away but rather invigorated an old classical fad of, well, FEATHERS.  Yes-Yes, I am not kidding, I mean dress, shoes, earrings, hair accessories… basically, the complete works. You can Donne them in your very own way. I am not even going to say that people with a weak heart can even attempt at them; they just scream ‘DIVA’.
True, that they are to be wild and just ‘vivacious’ but too much of anything can be calamitous. And too much of it may just look that we are trying too hard. Now we don’t want that, do we? You can incorporate feathers in your daily ensemble in quite unpretentious ways. Just get a big earring to carry off with your Denims or just get a little braiding in your hair done which could look very rock star.
Or if you feel that you are not the rock star types then just Donne a hat for that vintage look, I mean, if the new Princess  can attire it how much more vintage do you want. Also, summer sun makes these accessories very easy on eyes. Nonetheless, the dress incorporated around these vivacious feathers makes you feel as if you can do no wrong.
This fad has also brought to light some of our very own Indian talent to the International red carpet which just wants me scream…… YEAH!!!!!!!!! P.S. I am talking about Falguni and Shane Peacock. Seriously, their designs are the talk of the town. You can see anyone who is anyone wanting a piece of them right now.
Getting back to feathers, personally, I feel Jlo carries them off the best, but Fergie comes second to none. But don’t get carried away by these glam goddesses, you decide the look which makes you look avant-garde. After all, what is fashion if not Risk.

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