Saturday, June 11, 2011

Laced in Love!!!!!!!

I always believe that the best kind of fashion is something which gives vintage a new edge. And this new trend definitely proves my belief. If you keep up with the recent events you then you might have guessed it by now!!!! Yes, I am definitely talking about LACE.  All of us know that the revival of this new trend can be ensued to our newest and beloved Princess Kate, who was a vision in white at her wedding.
The sentence fit for a queen can be aptly used for lace and for centuries it was as it had been for the exclusive use of the richest only. And why not, it has always had an elusive eminence, an arcane allure to it no matter what the decade or the trend. Nothing less could have survived the harsh climate of centuries of vicissitudes of the fashion world.
However, a lot has changed in the ways of queens, princesses and even their subjects and aptly so, has the ways of the fashion. But even today the royalty and celebrities alike have a preference to this age old form of art.
One can easily slid into its delicate form in any number of ways. You can just put on a lace jacket over an evening dress or go for lace legging over a formal top. You can even have simple lace blouse or a dress with some lace environs. But keep in mind this fabric needs to be put on with the utmost caution. There are certain rules to be attached to it as it portrays the elusive side of fashion.
Gone are the days when women were considered as weak or dependent; the women today are fierce and independent in every way, Lace fetches much needed demureness to today’s fashion and even to the women who wears it.

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