Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Everyday Exotic: The Jumpsuit

If you are anything like me you would also have a lot of woes packing for a trip where you know you need to be casual yet glamorous. I end up taking half of my wardrobe with me but use literally only fourth of it. Then I realize all that huffing and puffing I did was in vain.
          At times like these I keep thinking why I couldn’t just have that one single ensemble which would solve all of my sartorial woes. Thankfully, now I have. Behold the mighty jumpsuit!
This decade old fashion trend has made a comeback and that too with a bang with capital ‘B’. Do you all remember our yester year actresses, rock stars fashion icons and even our moms and aunts in old photographs in jumpsuits quite similar to the ones we see now?
Well even if you don’t, you will certainly not be able to forget these ones anytime soon. These come in ‘n’ number of options where you can go crazy experimenting. Trust me I couldn’t decide whether I should go for off-shoulder or full-sleeved, halter or strapless, full flared or skinny, I felt like I was a kid in a candy store.
However, no matter what you chose the best part of a jumpsuit is that you can get them in any kind of fabric you want: Cotton, floral or printed is perfect for the Daytime just simply adorn accessories according to your occasion, go chunky for street walking or a little more sophisticated for a luncheon; sequenced or silk for a night time dinner and dancing is perfect, just go with some delicate jewellery and high heels topped with your favourite clutch.
Well I think on this note I should take your leave; so all you guys out there can go ga-ga over thinking how to create your perfect look. 

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