Friday, July 20, 2012

Wisps of a Fairy!!!

Trust me, I thought and thought and then I thought some more butI just couldn’t stick to one dialect, as this trend seems to be an amalgamation of all….. Greek……. Roman……. Indian…… all in all, totally Bohemian.
When I was a little girl I always pretended while playing that I was a fairy or an angel; I would borrow my mom’s chiffon sari, drape it around ineptly and then just twirl myself silly. That is one of the fondest memories of my childhood; then as I stepped into my teenage years our lovely yesteryear actresses in those amazing chiffon sari were just a muse of poise and grace. And now as I am in my twenties the allure for chiffon saries haven’t perished, in fact if anything, it has augmented.
Although, this trend is not based solely on chiffons, but it does bring back all of those memories and the fluid silhouette seem to have grasped the heart of the whole fashion world which, I think, is rather fitting [pun intended]. Apart from being divinely comfy, they are absolutely drop-dead glamorous too. You can easily pick out a leaf from Diya Mirza’s wardrobe in IIFA as she looks like a goddess with almost minimal effort or from the newly arrived on the style wagon Chitrangana Sen.
While the seasons may come and go this trend seems to be eternal, at least for the Indian audience. While the heat and humidity is always a worthy foe of fashion, this trend seems an invincible answer which is rather easy to adorn. You may simply choose a full-flair skirt, a dress or even a full flair pants. However, one needs to cherry-pick the ensemble as it may easily turn from diva to bagwoman. You must always remember to team the skirt and the pants with a body hugging shirt but a dress can be slack.
So, just go out there pick your fashion and stay beautiful. Ciao for now.

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