Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hi guys…. Hope you all had a wonderful start of an amazing new year. Well, now that the festive and holiday season is over (blah) and we all are back to work; I know just the thing to make it fun. I think that deep down all us girls at some point of our lives have been involved in a debate, discussion or even a fight about “the Better Gender”. Haven’t we all put up posters, formed groups and heard a lot of speeches about ‘Girl Power!’  Well, this season don’t just say it; WEAR IT and show’em who’s the boss. And as a very popular phrase this decade, just SUIT UP {wink}.
The trend of this type of dressing or rather cross dressing as they put it, sometimes, is called Androgyny {which is so much more deep a term in non-fashion ways}. Even today I have heard so many women say that they have had to carve out their places in their respective workplaces. Now imagine this feeling 30-40 years back, when the world literally belonged to the men. When the first batch of women, who realized they can do a better job, had to actually dress up as men to be considered worthy. And hence came the trend of ANDROGYNY.
Well, we are far from the origin now and thankfully, we can be better dressed and be more womanly in our workplace than our pioneering gender of the yesteryear. This season you can carve out your own personality by donning blazers, suits and trousers in your own style. While some might stick with the classics like blacks and grey, others can be a little more casual and go with colours like red, blues or even white. Also, there seems to be a lot of options in the cuts too; while my favourite is skinny fit or pencil fit, the flared pants seem to be second to none. And for the casual ‘devil may care’  look just go with some t-shirt and jeans embellished with a blazer.
So what are guys waiting for, go out and shop. And if they say your credit card’s on fire just say- Hey! The things I do for my job.