Wednesday, April 16, 2014


First of all, I would like to really really apologize for my lack of presence for a long time. I know it’s no excuse at all but I had been on a creative lockdown for quite some time. But I am back and this time with a bundle of new ideas so I do hope that you guys haven’t abandoned me. and if you are really angry I promise to win you back one post at a time.

So, The Oscars came and went with all the stars glittering on the red carpet and how so? Not only did the stars heightened up the glamour quotient of the event they forced everyone to shield their eyes with their extremely sparkling outfits and this time I do mean it literally. As I sat and watched the red carpet on my tele, I wondered if I should just go and grab a pair of sunglasses or stay put and sit glued to it. But it did make me think that maybe that’s what we need to scorch the sun this summer.

After all, who’s gotten anywhere by playing it safe. And the celebs definitely walk on a tight rope. You get it right you are a star, you get it wrong and they let wolves loose. So let’s see who got it right this time. While others squirm and twist to get that perfect balance of glamour and sexual magnetism, Angelina Jolie just simply glides into a dress, throws back her hair and says ‘So, what are you wearing?’. And that’s exactly what she did this time too AND might i add, looked ravishing in the beautiful floor length silver gown combined with the best accessory ever….. BRAD PITT, whom, I must say, looked as handsome and yummy as always.

Anyways, moving our attention away from the gorgeous and scrumptious Brad (Wow, this is actually tougher than I thought) let’s discuss the trend at hand. Now, while the celebs may be able to pull off the full blown metallic gowns, the ever so high slits and tops cut down till the navel; us mortal souls still need to be a little bit closer to earth.  So how can we incorporate it in our attires without needing to throw away our entire wardrobe?

The best way would be to just simply glide into a comfy pastel dress or gown and just add a bit of touch of panache by either wearing a head ornament like our very own sassy Deepika Padukone or pairing it with a beautiful metallic cuff or a statement ring or the newest trend a statement ear-cuff and transform yourself into a diva. I would recommend brands like ‘Bansri’ and ‘Amarapali’ which even though being quite exquisite are still quite affordable. Or you could simply choose to buy a metallic embellished dress but do make sure to choose the right colors i.e. anything matte or pastels. My vote would go to nude or beige because I am absolutely in love with the color but you could choose from a wide variety of black, grey, beige, silver, even gold or if want to just throw caution to the wind, even a bold color like royal blue would do the trick.

So, let's step out with our fashion foot forward this summer. That’s all I have for now, hopefully it makes up for all the lost time between us and hopefully I will be struck with a nonstop array of creative arrows and I will be at you service soon. 

Ciao for now….. Be beautiful; Be you!!!!

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