Friday, December 7, 2012

Wedding S-Attires!!!!

Hello lovely ladies, sorry for the huge gap since I posted. But I am back and hopefully you will all forgive and forget when you read this post. Well, as I have been travelling for past few days and, in fact, just back from my favourite fashion capital of the world…….. Yes, none other than NEW YORK, I am bursting with new ideas. So, what are we waiting for; Xmas…………..let’s get started.
The holiday season is upon us all over the world, Diwali Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, you name it. Since Diwali is already over the wedding season has officially been kick-started in India. And we all know how very important it is to be impeccably dressed to every one of these events, be it your sister’s, your friend’s or even an acquaintance’s.
Indian weddings have never lacked in terms of bling and they definitely seem to believe in the phrase: The bigger the better!!!!!! But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to walk in looking like a spotlight; we actually need the spotlight to follow us where we go. Trust me there’s a way…… there’s always a way!!!!!!
This season dull shades seem to be sparkling the most. And while some divas are just happy wearing the base colour all over, my advice would be to combine the base colour with some bold ones. Whites, beige and earth tones may be the hottest thing these days but if you do have qualms about these colours in the festivities, then you may just adorn some matte bold colours like olive greens or royal blues or rust reds.
And while saris and lehengas are an all-time favourite, this season floor length anaarkalli seem to be the darling of divas. One can dabble in all the shades they wish upon. Another beloved this season seems to be the silk saris, while they may be a bit of high maintenance, but once draped they tend to look exotic on all kind of figures be it a bit curvy or voluptuous or lean and slim.
So, Ciao, till next time. Have loads of fun dazzling everyone.

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