Friday, April 25, 2014

The Bare-Dare!!

Hello. How have you gorgeous people been? As promised earlier, I am back and this time with some new ideas. Now I know that my blog has always been mostly about trendy clothes but I am trying to expand it to other areas too. Nothing too hi-fi but I am trying something new with today’s post, so here it goes one little step at a time.
So what’s new about today……. Make-up.

Yes, even the most gorgeous of attires can be flat-lined with one wrong stroke of the blush brush or with that wing tipped mascara. So, as I said last week the newest fashion seems to be everything shiny and metallic and bright and if I dare say, completely in your eyes. Now, while that is a good trend in attires, in make up it’s completely opposite unless you wanna look like a walking headlight.

As I was growing up, my sister taught me; after a disastrous and secretive (I might add) raid of her make-up box which ended up with her looking a younger version of Cruella de ville and me as a cute little punk child; to always put on the make-up to make it look like you are wearing no makeup at all. Crazy, right; but that’s exactly what the make-up’s for…… to enhance your inner beauty and cover up those tiny little flaws, if any.

So how do we get it right without getting it wrong? Concentrate either on your eyes or your lips. The trend this season seems to be, to just get that beautiful glow. So just focus on that. The first step and perhaps the most vital step is choosing a compact powder. This needs to be done very carefully and after you have looked at all the options. Why so much of hard work, you ask? Because it is going to be the base of your make-up and must be absolutely identical to your skin tone so as to just give it that simple sheen or that perfect radiance. Once you are done choosing  a compact move onto the blush. Now I am completely in love with Guerlian Meteorites Pearls, which gives me that perfect blend of rosiness in my skin tone though a little pricey but its worth the money and lasts a long long time.

Since it’s summer that make-up cake would do just the opposite of making you look cool and give you that flushed appearance, so you need to choose your products extra carefully. However, if you would rather choose to have a foundation base then that would work wonderfully too. Either way before you put on that first layer; you do need to use a concealer to hide those tiny little blemishes I was talking about above.

After you are done with the basic now is the time to give yourself that diva look. Now you can either choose to go big on eyes, which is my fav, or you can decide to colour your pout, which again is a preference matter.

If you do choose eyes, you have a loooot of choices in matters of eye pencils, eye shadows, mascaras and liners. Again choose the product with which you are most comfortable. In fact, Lakme has just launched a whole new series of eye pencils and they work wonders on the Indian skin tone, specially the Smoky Grey. It gives the eye a very misty look. So now that you have chosen to do a smoky look do you really need to spend so much of mullah on infinite number of products…. Well, it’s your choice but I simply put a coat of lip balm on my eyelids before I start the make-up. It hydrates them and makes it easier for me to blend a lot of colour on them without any of it looking patchy or standing out.

Once you are done with the eyes move over to the lips. One tip, as it works wonders for me, put a coat of not coloured or light colour lip balm on your lips too before you start with your base. It hydrates them and also, helps the lipstick have that glossy effect even without one. In fact, you can bring subtle changes to your nude or light colour lipstick by mixing it with darker shades of lip balm. It saves me a bundle. Now, you can choose from a lot of brands and infinite number of lip shades out there but my favorite is Dior Sillage. But don’t just take my word for it. Go find your pout of luck and don’t forget to tell me too

So, before this turns into more of a monologue… I think it’s time for me to tap out and meet you guys next time.

Ciao for now…… Be Beautiful; Be You!!!

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